By creating peaceful spaces that are inspired by the tranquility of nature, designers counteract the chaos of daily life for their clients.  For people craving peace and refuge from the hectic world, a spa-like environment where their energy can be supported and nurtured may be necessary.  To transform a space into a haven, designers play with contemporary water features, added greenery, soothing color palettes, and their use of natural lighting- all of which impact the emotional, psychological, and physical state of people.  Surfaces remain clear of objects for the most part, leaving room for guests to feel inspired and recharged. 

A secluded courtyard offered Straight Designs the perfect opportunity to create a moment that reflected serenity.  The Courtyard within the Roosevelt Lofts was brought to life by Solomon Mansoor and it has remained one of his favorite designs.  By adding natural elements to the cold industrial space in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, Mansoor instantly created a connection to the outdoors.  Residents are drawn to the space by the custom graphic, a waterfall that leads down into a bay of rocks with a fountain.  The inclusion of water, greenery, wood, and rocks assist in defining the peaceful retreat for city residents who are looking to escape the busyness of urban life.  Whether residents are sitting in this space reading a book or just walking by, the courtyard design temporarily transports them to a fresh and calming mountain-scape.

15.2  Lightwell 2.JPG
Straight Designs Roosevelt

Amazing water detail mixed with real-life elements of plants and rocks. 

Ying Yang Courtyard

Ying Yang Courtyard