Mansoor's early years working in the Los Angeles club and bar world were an unorthodox training ground for a subsequent career based in creating striking interiors for high-end clubs, restaurants, hotels and private residences. The intense, real-life, hands-on process of those early days provided a wealth of down-and-dirty design and construction knowledge that subsequently gave him the confidence to take on some very demanding development and refurbishment projects. 

He had initially embarked on this path by running several successful clubs in London, England, staging events among his peers - UK nightlife mavens including such personalities as Boy George, Spandau Ballet, Sade, Hayzee Fantayzee, Marilyn, Blue Rondo a la Turk, Animal Nightlife and Philip Salon, to name a few. Back then, the London club scene was genuinely driven by personality and character, which later proved to be a very useful asset across the Atlantic.

Upon arrival in Los Angeles in 1985, he was soon to be heralded as a pioneer and catalyst for the original LA underground/warehouse/club movement (noted by Spin magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Herald and People Magazine, among others).

His unparalleled experience, combined with his contribution to and impact on the Los Angeles nightclub and bar zeitgeist, has led directly to his current successful and enterprising approach to creative design with Straight Designs in the more sophisticated and discerning world of cosmopolitan hotels, multifamily living, private residences and restaurants.