Straight Designs initially develops a project through the design of a unique floorplan and judicious selection and placement of furnishings, fixtures and equipment. All of these elements are of course key when creating a distinctive and original aesthetic.


Straight Designs presents images of both interior and exterior areas through color boards, renderings and artistic sketches. These are then used to determine any changes prior to money being spent and dollars potentially wasted on designs with which you, the client, are not 100% satisfied.


With this provided service, clients are able to view and experience a new project prior to the start of its physical execution. Our designers will work closely with you to fully understand and capture the optimum realization of our combined vision, which will first be constructed as a digital rendering that captures the essence of the space, showing furnishings, lighting, color options, textural examples and available structural elements. B-A-R-S, (before-and-after renderings) is our acronym for this process.


Straight Designs has an in-house purchasing/manufacturing department that handles the procurement, occasional fabrication/customization and shipping of furniture, accessories, fixtures and equipment. We have established strong, long-term relationships with unique, creative worldwide suppliers (although we prefer to purchase domestically whenever possible).


Straight Designs will always ensure that the physical presentation of their clients' vision maintains the same rigorous attention to detail that the company gives to every other aspect of its operation. Staging requires military precision to ensure that goods arrive at the right place at the right time, presented in the best way possible, and we are among the very best in the field at achieving this objective.